KA-520 L air purifier at a glance


  • Robust design - Can be used in many places (commercial and private)
  • Operation is child's play
  • Removes 99.995 % of all viruses, bacteria and allergens
  • Pleasant volume in design level
  • For room sizes up to 25 m²
  • Energy efficient
  • High-quality materials
  • Low maintenance
  • Delivery incl. HEPA filter and built-in pre-filter

£ 852.50 plus VAT


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The KA-520 in size L is the ideal device for rooms in which few people stay for a short time, e.g. Treatment rooms in physiotherapy.

Through the two switchable cleaning levels it is possible to clean up to 330 m³ of ambient air and remove potentially harmful particles and gases, such as allergens, pollutants or aerosols to free.

The integrated, low-wear and easy to change class H14 HEPA filters the main work. Compared to conventional air purifiers on the market, it has an above-average filter surface and size, which can be seen from the total weight of 5 kg.

Above-average filter area

filter area

With a filter surface the size of a device, the KA-520 air purifier guarantees an efficient and certified air purification result.

This unique selling point allows polluted air to be sucked in in large quantities (between 180 m³ and 330 m³ per hour - depending on the model and cleaning level) and filtered into the circulating air.

The regular change of the H14 filter, which is visually indicated to you by a signal light, is carried out completely independently in a few simple steps. 

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HEPA filter H14

The air filter used in the KA-520 is the Class H14 guarantees an efficient separation of 99.995 % of all suspended matter in the air and reduces the spread of particles and organisms such as viruses and bacteria.

£ 187.- plus VAT



The trolleys are glued under the air purifier, regardless of whether they are standing or lying down. High strength adhesive strips are pre-attached to the trolley. The air purifier is therefore very mobile to move it in the installation room or to transport it to different rooms.

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The prefilter used in the KA-520 L and XL forms a perfect combination with our HEPA filter, takes over the filtering of coarse materials, protects the main filter and ensures higher efficiency.

£ 55.- plus VAT

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