KA-520 XL air purifier at a glance


  • Robust design - Can be used in many places (commercial and private)
  • Operation is child's play
  • Removes 99.995 % of all viruses, bacteria and allergens
  • Pleasant volume in design level
  • For room sizes up to 50m²
  • Energy efficient
  • High-quality materials
  • Low maintenance
  • Delivery incl. HEPA filter and built-in pre-filter

£ 1001.- plus VAT


Assembly Instructions KA-520 

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Filter pull-out


In size XL, the KA-520 air purifier is the ideal device for large rooms in which a high air flow rate is required and the noise level is insignificant.

Through the two switchable cleaning levels it is possible to clean up to 720 m³ of ambient air and remove potentially harmful particles and gases, such as allergens, pollutants or aerosols to free.

The integrated, low-wear and easy to change Class H14 HEPA filters the main work. Compared to conventional air purifiers on the market, it has an above-average filter surface and size, which can be seen from the total weight of 5 kg.

Above-average filter area

filter area

With a filter surface the size of a device, the KA-520 air purifier guarantees an efficient and certified air purification result.

This unique selling point allows polluted air to be sucked in in large quantities (between 200 m³ and 720 m³ per hour) and filtered into the circulating air.

The regular change of the H14 filter, which is visually indicated to you by a signal light, is carried out completely independently in a few simple steps. 

Control of the air purifier KA-520 XL

operating panel

Complex technology easy to use.

We are aware that the topic of air conditioning and virus filtering is a complex topic that can lead to headaches in the current tense situation. However, this should not happen when operating our air purifiers, which is why we have dispensed with superfluous functions and have concentrated on the essentials.

The control buttons on the rear (No. 3 + 4) can be used to select the different operating modes of the XL model and are also protected against unintentional and unattended conditions.

After the air purifier has been switched on using the main switch, one of the two preset cleaning levels can be activated and operation started by simply pressing a button. In order to prevent unintentional continuous operation, the KA-520 has an automatic switch-off which is activated at level 1 after 12 hours. At level 2, this automatic system can be freely set to a duration of 30-180 minutes. After this time, the device automatically switches back to level 1 and the 12-hour operating mode. Continuous operation can of course also be activated.

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Adjustments to the operating modes/air volumes

In order to be able to adapt the KA-520 XL even more precisely to your situation, it has five Freely adjustable air volumes for each operating level. This enables you to adapt the air volume and the operating volume that depends on it to your wishes and spatial requirements.

The default settings made at the factory are guidelines that ensure the greatest possible convenience in terms of filter performance and volume.

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HEPA filter H14

The air filter used in the KA-520 is the Class H14 guarantees an efficient separation of 99.995 % of all suspended matter in the air and reduces the spread of particles and organisms such as viruses and bacteria.

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The trolleys are glued under the air purifier, regardless of whether they are standing or lying down. High strength adhesive strips are pre-attached to the trolley. The air purifier is therefore very mobile to move it in the installation room or to transport it to different rooms.

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The prefilter used in the KA-520 L and XL forms a perfect combination with our HEPA filter, takes over the filtering of coarse materials, protects the main filter and ensures higher efficiency.

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