Kampmann air purifier KA-520

Powerful air purification: Regardless of whether it is Allergens, pollutants or aerosols acts.

In closed rooms (e.g. living rooms, offices, cafés, hotel rooms, waiting rooms etc.) the concentration of these potentially harmful particles and gases is between 2 to 5 times higher than outdoors. The air purifier KA-520 counteracts this burden of viruses, bacteria and allergens and filters 99.995% these particles out of the ambient air.

As "climate experts" we can offer you the right air purifier for any location you want.

What is being filtered?

The integrated, powerful and easy to change HEPA filter removes allergens, bacteria and viruses, such as:


Viruses • Pollen • Mould • Bacteria • Mites • House dust

and many more, such as: industrial fumes, household fumes, cleaning agents, car exhaust fumes, animal sheds and smoke.