New Venkon fan coil calculation program

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Make the most of the benefits of our new calculation program for the Venkon fan coil
This decentralised fan coil is ideal for heating, cooling and filtering and meets all the requirements for a calm environment that delivers maximum comfort.


All the functions at a glance:

  • Calculate performance data and prices
  • Bookmark product configurations
  • Select accessories
  • Download information material
  • Request products


Calculation program for Venkon AC and EC fan coil units

Select your required product configuration in the calculation program – Venkon AC or EC. The predefined temperatures can be adjusted manually or individually by entering them directly or moving the slider. You only need to enter a few parameters for a calculation. You'll receive all the performance data you need, including prices. Print out the result of your configuration or download the corresponding specification.

Direct access:


Venkon calculation program


Using the "Bookmark configuration" function, you can then conveniently browse through and then, if you need to, return to the calculation, change it or request a tailor-made quotation.


Access product details here:


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