New KaDeck calculation program

Help with project planning

Make the most of the benefits of our calculation program and the new Product Configurator for the KaDeck Fan Coil. KaDeck is the new versatile air conditioning ceiling unit for offices, administration buildings and hotels. KaDeck is available as a suspended ceiling unit or under-ceiling unit and is thus ideal for installation on the wall and in the centre of the room. Move your project design on in leaps and bounds!


All the functions at a glance:

  • Calculate performance data and prices
  • ­Bookmark product configurations
  • Select accessories ­
  • Download information material
  • Enquire about and order products


Calculation program for KaDeck

You only need to enter a few parameters to generate a calculation. In an instant you'll receive all the performance data you need, including the price. The predefined values can be adjusted manually or individually by entering them directly or moving the slider. Print out the result of your configuration directly or download the corresponding specification.

Go directly to the calculation program here and get started straight away with your project planning:


Calculate your KaDeck now


Using the "Bookmark configuration" function, you can then conveniently browse through and then, if you need to, return to the calculation, change it or request a tailor-made quotation using the automatically generated 12-digit article number.


Product Configurator

Take advantage of additional services and exclusive benefits, including the selection of accessories or information to download. These are available in the Product Configurator – just one click away. Set the filters you need step by step in the basic and detailed configuration. Simply ignore filters you do not need. Every filter you set reduces the number of matching products. After selecting the product you require, you will be sent a summary of your configuration, including the total price. From there switch to the Accessories and/or Downloads and Infomaterial tabs.


Start configuration


Find more information on versatile air conditioning with the KaDeck Fan Coil here:


KaDeck product details