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Heinrich Kampmann Cultural Foundation is important pillar of funding for the Art Centre

Largest private sponsor safeguards it for the long term

Lingen (Ems), 05.08.2011 – Meike Behm, Director of Lingen Art Centre, is in the throes of making plans for the anniversary year of 2012. It is still uncertain what sponsorship she will be able to count on from companies, the local authority region and state, however she can continue to rely on sponsorship from a unique institution next year: the Heinrich Kampmann Cultural Foundation.


The Art Centre has received € 1,000,000 in funding from the Heinrich Kampmann Cultural Foundation: € 750,000 donated by the Lingen entrepreneur and € 250,000 from the town. The Foundation has been pouring around € 35,000 of earned interest into the Art Centre's coffers since 2002. "It is very important to me to highlight this unique source of funding," comments Meike Behm enthusiastically about the long-standing involvement. "To my knowledge no other institution has such a reliable sponsor in the background as we have," the Director of the Art Centre goes on to say, recognising her unique position.


Largest private sponsor

Heinrich Kampmann initiated the Cultural Foundation to give something back to his company's home town and thereby became the largest private sponsor of the Art Centre. He can count on many committed employees from Lingen and its surroundings for his success. His thanks is also for them.


"Safeguarding the Art Centre for the long term"

The Foundation was set up for a purpose and has long-term aims. I wanted to safeguard the Art Centre for the future and be a reliable sponsor even in economically difficult years," explains Heinrich Kampmann. His Cultural Foundation does not take a centre-stage role, but it would be hard to do without it. The purpose of the foundation is the exclusive and direct funding of Lingen Art Centre and the exhibitions and cultural events that take place there. The bodies of the Foundation - the Board of Trustees and Executive Board - decide on the investment of the Foundation's capital.


Cultural axis between the Ruhr district and the North Sea

The Foundation's earned interest is invested in a full-time accounting and supervisory position - "Essential for operations!" comments Meike Behm. Moreover, the Centre's janitorial work has to be performed throughout the entire year and there is further work to be done if walls have to be moved for more extensive installations. "How could this be done without this money from the Foundation?" she asks. It is precisely her varied and diverse plan of exhibitions, for which she makes use of her contacts from her years in Frankfurt am Main and in Hamburg, that convinces internationally sought-after artists to make a sojourn in the Emsland region. "This enables the Lingen Art Centre to reinforce and extend its excellent reputation - not just on the cultural axis between the Ruhr district and the North Sea." We are therefore especially grateful for Mr. Kampmann's involvement," enthuses Director Meike Behm.


6,500 visitors annually

Lingen Arts Association is the foundation and cornerstone of the Art Centre's operations and utilise the premises for its bi-annual members' exhibition. It also makes up an interested basis of the 6,500 visitors who flood to the Art Centre every year.


Versatile uses

Art enthusiasts from near and far visit the Art Centre on the Kaiserstraße. Meike Behm's first exhibition in Lingen was with Marjetica Potrc from Ljubljana, who exhibited the large "Tirana House" in the Centre and utilised the entire size of the space, thereby putting her stamp on the wide and diverse exhibition programme. The exhibition of Birgit Megerle's art, winner of the Lingen Art Prize, was also very successful. With support from the media, Lingen is regularly on everybody's lips. An effect that the Emsland economy uses in different ways to attract staff to the region. "The more attractive a town is, the more interested and interesting are the applicants for jobs," states Heinrich Kampmann, drawing his own conclusions. His support for Lingen's cultural life is one of the reasons cited for the award to him of the Lower Saxony Order of Merit by Minister President David McAllister in May.




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