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New for the ISH: Almost everything is possible!

Lingen (Ems), March 2013: Designers and architects appreciate the strength of Kampmann in making everything possible in the standard range and in projects: column recesses, mitred corners, curved designs. Now they are creating satisfied customers with their completely redesigned Katherm QK.


Less noise for large rooms

The barely audible noise emission of the cross-flow fan creates the right atmosphere where silence is called for. This and the high heat outputs make the new Katherm QK all the more interesting for noisesensitive rooms with large glass surfaces. A high-performance convector and a new EC cross-flow fan are therefore concealed under the roll-up grille. The arrangement of the convector and crossflow that has been optimised in a number of measurements has a performance-boosting impact. It generates large amounts of heat in the room exceptionally quietly with the high volumes of air from the EC fan.


Every EC euro goes towards energy saving

Every euro invested in the new EC technology is invested in longterm energy saving: it requires very little energy to run. It utilises this minimal energy far more efficiently than conventional technology was able to. Low speeds with low noise levels provide optimum comfort and ideal control options.


Something for everyone: 60 versions

Designers can choose from 60 versions in the standard programme. Three widths from 182 to 232 mm and 12 lengths from 1,000 to 3,200 mm are always available. A further 24 versions are derived from two widths with different outputs. It goes without saying that individual solutions and dimensions are available as usual.


Uncluttered: The new connection and control box

Installation engineers will find their QK benefits in the high-quality connection box under the cover plate. Everything is uncluttered and simplifies the connection of the heating electrics and controls. The ready for connection wiring will really pay off. Other popular features, such as colour-coordinated frame edges, height-adjustment feet and raised floor mounting feet, are of course standard.




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