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Optiline roll-up grilles, narrow air outlets, ultra-sophisticated.

Your benefits:
  • Roll-up grille profile can be used on both sides

  • Colour-matched plastic spacers

  • Excellent free area

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Key features

  • Roll-up grille profile with narrower bar width that can be used on both sides
  • Colour-matched plastic spacers
  • Special appearance with narrow bar spacing, with 65 % free area
  • Available in many different materials and designs
  • "Optiline" has the right grille for every application


  • Double T-profile in aluminium or brass with a 9 mm bar spacing
    Double T-profile in stainless steel with a 10.5 mm bar spacing
  • The following grille finishes are available:
    - Aluminium, natural anodised
    - Aluminium, brass anodised
    - Aluminium, black anodised
    - Aluminium, bronze finish
    - Aluminium, basalt grey painted DB 703
    - Aluminium, white painted
    - Brass, natural CuZn 44
    - Stainless steel, natural
    - Stainless steel, polished
  • Matching frames, with the same material and finish, are available for all grilles.


  • Roll-up grilles are stable, walk-on covers for underfloor trenches and trench heating, combining an elegant appearance with safety and durability.
  • For discerning customers in high-end residential and business properties

... also good to know

  • "Optiline" roll-up grilles stand out thanks to their ultra-narrow bar profile, yet maintain the same narrow bar spacing. This creates an attractive appearance and the right free area in terms of heat output.
  • The frames are factory-fitted with Katherm trench heating.
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Cross-product information
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Installation manuals
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Can roll-up grilles be used on both sides?

Many models of roll-up grilles, like the elegant "Optiline" roll-up grilles, can be used on both sides by turning them over, thereby significantly lengthening the service life of the grilles.

Can roll-up grilles be shortened?

Yes, roll-up grilles can be shortened and also lengthened.

Can roll-up grilles be adapted to the dimensions of the building?

There are almost unlimited possibilities in this respect:

  • Recesses, especially to accommodate columns or posts
  • Curves
  • Mitres cut to different angles
  • Polygonal joints to the facade of the building