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Multifunctional, invisible heaters, galvanised steel.

Your benefits:
  • Extremely robust and durable

  • Responsive due to low water content

  • High outputs from customer casings

Key features

  • With stricter requirements relating to durability and performance
  • Easy mechanical cleaning
  • Cleaning also possible with high-pressure cleaners or compressed air
  • Galvanised using the latest production methods and thus ideal corrosion protection
  • Also available as a practical solution for use with low water temperatures


  • Elliptical steel core pipes with permanently connected steel fins
  • Outstanding mechanical strength, guaranteeing the best possible heat transfer
  • Low water content and mass, responding quickly to temperature fluctuations
  • Therefore no long warm-up times or unnecessary subsequent heating, greater efficiency and comfort
  • Convectors are therefore ideally suited as "short-term heating"


  • Multifunctional, unobtrusive installation in commercial buildings and industrial buildings
  • Can be integrated seamlessly into any interior design
  • The professional solution for use in convector casings or underfloor
  • With natural convection for complete room heating, residual heat coverage and/or cold air screening

... also good to know

  • Heat outputs tested in accordance with EN 442 / DIN 4704
  • DIN CERTCO registered and monitored, registration number 6R 1149 (underfloor) and 6R 1150 (wall-mounted and recessed)
  • Convectors are supplied in single lengths of between 500 and 5000 mm.
  • Convector casings and underfloor trenches including accessories are manufactured to order
  • There is a wide range of materials, surfaces and colours available as roll-up grille trench covers

Currently no documents are available to download. Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us should you have any questions.

Connecting accessories

Thermostatic valve head

Download specifications (.rtf)
Article no.:

Connection set

Download specifications (.rtf)
Article no.:

Valve Actuators

Thermoelectric actuator

230 V AC only for room thermostat type 30155!
Download specifications (.rtf)
Article no.:


Room thermostat

with thermal feedback, 230 VAC, protection class IP 30
Installation instructions: i071_raumthermostat_30055_146904_int.pdf
Installation instructions: i213_raumthermostat_30055_146904_gb.pdf

Download specifications (.rtf)
Article no.:

Clock thermostat

digital timer with day/night/week programme, power reserve, settable night-setback, 230 V, protection class IP 20
Installation instructions: i199_uhrenthermostat_146910_30056_gb.pdf

Download specifications (.rtf)
Article no.:

Can steel convectors also be used with low water temperatures?

Yes, steel convectors are also a practical solution for use with low water temperatures. The high output emitted by the convectors is achieved thanks to the elliptical cross-section of the water-bearing pipes and the larger free area. This ensures that the air resistance at the fins is less than would be the case with a higher heat output.

What are the benefits of steel convectors?

The benefits of steel convectors include the following:

  • Long service life, robust design and versatility
  • Troublefree mechanical cleaning using high-pressure cleaners or pressurised air
  • Galvanised finish provides optimum protection against corrosion
Are steel convectors equally suitable for installation underfloor, as above-floor?

Yes, steel convectors are ideal for both methods of installation. Kampmann steel convectors can be advantageously installed in any interior architectural style and are therefore also ideal for the refurbishment of old buildings in accordance with the state of the art.