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PowerKon NT

The low-temperature heater with fan-assistance.

PowerKon NT
Your benefits:
  • Convector optimised for use with low water temperatures

  • Whisper-quiet EC technology

  • Integrated KaControl

Key features

  • Quick-reacting heating system for high performance from a compact unit
  • Up to 60% more energy-saving compared with convenional split-pole motors
  • Energy-saving, whisper-quiet EC-motor with power stage for rapid warm-up
  • Electromechanical control or fully automatic KaControl options, with fitted plug



  • Energy-saving fan with the latest EC technology
  • PowerKon copper/aluminium heat exchangers with corrugated fins increase the surface area and create more heat
  • Optimum controllability and fast heat-up thanks to low water content
  • With Eurokonus valve connection for easy and fast assembly
  • Base load operation with 0 - 100 % fan assistance


  • Conceived for low temperature and ultra-low temperature heating systems, ideally combined with condensing boilers or heat pump technology
  • Suitable for new build projects or refurbishments
  • Suitable for residential buildings and offices and commercial buildings
  • Power stage for fast warm-up, supplied as a single-section wall casing with the dimensions:
    - Height 500 mm, Depth 120 mm
    - Length from 750 to 2750 mm

... also good to know

  • Smooth sheet steel designer casing, with an optimum air outlet angled towards the room with a RAL 9016 finish; grille RAL 9006
  • “Quick fit“ system, casing fit without the need for screws
  • All connections hidden within the casing
  • Condensation-free cooling (cold water supply needed)
  • Group operation possible with the Kampmann KaControl system


PowerKon NT with KaControl technology provides a completely pre-set solution for ultra-simple installation in site. The KaController (control unit) is factory-fitted into the PowerKon NT casing (control version -C0) or is also available as an external control unit (control version -C1).


  • Temperature is recorded by the KaController, induction sensor or external room sensor
  • Automatic continuous fan control depending on room temperature
  • Maximum fan speed can be set via a potentiometer on the PCB
  • Fast warm-up by manual boost (max. 15 minute run time)
  • Silent valve actuation via electronic relays
  • Motor fault evaluation
  • Room frost protection function by monitoring of room temperature at every state to a limit value of 8°C
  • Changeover function in 2-pipe systems (heating/cooling) via an external potential-free contact or a clip-on temperature sensor
  • Actuation by means of 0-10 V signal from an external BMS
  • Connection to open BMS systems bu optional interface cards (BACnet, Modbus)

System set-up

Control zones with up to 6 PowerKon NT can be connected via simple 2-wire bus connection to a KaController.


Download: KaControl Set-up for PowerKon NT

Technical catalogues
PowerKon NT trench heatingdownload as.pdf, 4,97 MB
Spezial PowerKon NT trench heating, screen-optimizeddownload as.pdf, 867,16 KB
Cross-product information
Product overview, products available in UKdownload as.pdf, 7,97 MB
Overview product innovations 2017download as.pdf, 2,41 MB
Spezial KaControl building automationdownload as.pdf, 794,90 KB
Spezial retail chainsdownload as.pdf, 3,45 MB
Spezial sports halldownload as.pdf, 2,26 MB
Installation manuals
PowerKon NTdownload as.pdf, 5,28 MB
PowerKon NT, VIDEO: installation manuals (flv-file)download as.flv, 93,73 MB
EU Declaration of Conformity Powerkon NT low-temperature heaterdownload as.pdf, 1,05 MB
Interseroh Recycling Certificatedownload as.pdf, 627,76 KB
TÜV Certificate ISO 9001:2008download as.pdf, 443,11 KB
Technical details

This table only gives you a brief overview of the technical data. If you are looking for a more detailed product description and further technical data, please use the technical catalogue. The product configurator and the calculation program will help you to find the right article for your selection.

KaControl recirculating air control accessories

KaController 24 V, room control unit with one-touch operation, wall-mounted room control unit, with integral room temperature sensor; only for use with C1 controller

Installation instructions: i385_kurz_kacontroller_int.pdf

Download specifications (.rtf)
Article no.:

KaController 24 V, room control unit with function buttons at the side, wall-mounted room control unit, with integral room temperature sensor; only for use with C1 controller, type 3210002

Installation instructions: i385_kurz_kacontroller_int.pdf

Download specifications (.rtf)
Article no.:

KaControl room temperature sensor, wall-mounted, IP30, colour white RAL 9010, type 3250110

Is the KaController installation site suitable for a temperature measurement? - If it is not suitable, e.g. behind a curtain, then a KaControl room temperature sensor should be chosen for each group!
Download specifications (.rtf)
Article no.:

KaControl outside sensor, wall-mounted, 50 x 65 x 45,5 mm, white similar to RAL 9010, IP54, type 3250112

Download specifications (.rtf)
Article no.:

KaControl pipe clip-on sensor for recording the medium temperature, incl. clip-on strap, 3 m cable length, for changeover heating/cooling, type 03250115

Is there a risk of frost, e.g. due to the ingress of cold air – if so, then a KaControl clip-on pipe sensor should be chosen for each unit!
Download specifications (.rtf)
Article no.:

KaControl CANBUS card, type 3260301

For increasing the number of units in a single-circuit system to a maximum of 30 units, one required per unit
For increasing the cable length from the first to the last unit from 30 to 500 m
Download specifications (.rtf)
Article no.:

KaControl Building Management System

Serial Modbus card for connection to Modbus networks, type 3260101

Necessary for every secondary air unit!
Download specifications (.rtf)
Article no.:

Connecting accessories

Connection set consisting of thermostatic valve body ½", angled, return shut-off valve ½", angled and thermoelectric actuator

Download specifications (.rtf)
Article no.:


Room thermostat with built-in speed controller, surface-mounted model with On/Off fan switch, white, only for use with -00 electromechanical controller

Installation instructions: i108_raumthermostat_146924_gb.pdf

Download specifications (.rtf)
Article no.:


DEKRA Haus Hamburg

Where can PowerKon NT be installed?

PowerKon NT is ideal for use in low-temperature and ultra-low temperature heating systems, both for refurbishment projects and new build. Users therefore have an ideal heating system for cost-effective use, possibly in conjunction with heat pumps, thanks to the energy-saving fan unit with EC motor technology combined with the very latest control technology.

How can rooms be quickly heated up using PowerKon NT?

You can heat up rooms quickly by manually setting the controller to the maximum Fan speed = Power stage for a limited time.

Can PowerKon NT be combined wither other low temperature systems?

Yes, PowerKon NT can also be combined with surface heating systems. The PowerKon NT then takes on the role of a fast-reacting heating system compared with the sluggishness of a surface heating system.