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Agrar TOP
Heating Ventilation

For the utilisation of waste heat from biogas plants.

Agrar TOP
Your benefits:
  • "TOP" in terms of price and performance

  • effective and profitable

  • straightforward to clean


  • "TOP" in terms of price and performance
  • 2-stage Ziehl-Abegg whisper-quiet sickle-blade fans; direction of rotation can be reversed for cleaning purposes
  • Fan rear panel units for cleaning and servicing can simply be unhinged by quick-release catches
  • Housing made of sendzimir galvanised steel
  • Straightforward to clean and service
  • 1-row air louvre or 4-way diffuser (can be unhinged for cleaning with compressed air/high-pressure cleaner)


  • Heat exchanger: made of steel, galvanised, 2-row, 4.4 mm fin spacing
  • Fan: aerodynamic, 2-stage 3-phase whisper-quiet sickle-blade fan made of cast aluminium, complete with hinged rear panel
  • Brackets: supplied as standard for fast uncomplicated installation


  • For the utilisation of waste heat at farms
  • For space heating within agriculture/poultry farms


  • Control: 2-stage, 3-phase switch (also optional for reversal of direction of rotation), 5-stage 3-phase controls and further extensive controls. Control possible via on-site climate computer.
  • Possible accessories: 2-row louvre, 4-way diffuser (hinged), wall brackets or universal 4-point brackets
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Cross-product information
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Stage switches for fan speed control

2-stage, 3-phase switch, 10 A, with connection for a room thermostat, shut-off valve (recirculating air) and mixed air and fresh air accessories, type 30051

Installation instructions: i012_2stufendrehstromschalter_30051_gb.pdf

Download specifications (.rtf)
Article no.:

5-stage 3-phase controller

Download specifications (.rtf)
Article no.:

2-stage, 3-phase switch, 10 A, with reversal of direction of rotation and connection for a room thermostat, type 30251

Download specifications (.rtf)
Article no.:

Air outlets

Diffuser, 4 direction, hinged

Download specifications (.rtf)
Article no.:


Universal 4-point brackets, sendzimir galvanised steel (1 complete set), type 30042

for use as a 4-point fixing for ceiling installation
Installation instructions: i372_universal_4punkt_konsolen_30042_gb.pdf

Download specifications (.rtf)
Article no.:

Universal bracket extension 500 mm, type 30043

Installation instructions: i373_universal_konsolen_verlaengerung_30043_gb.pdf

Download specifications (.rtf)
Article no.:

Wall brackets (extended), (1 set)

Installation instructions: i375_wandkonsolen_3x044_wandkonsolen_verlaengert_3002x_gb.pdf

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Article no.:

Repair switch

Repair switch, IP 54 rated

for 1-stage single-phase or 2-stage three-phase motors and Diafort-Series 5611, type 30120
Download specifications (.rtf)
Article no.:

For what areas of operation are Agrar TOP unit heaters intended?

This unique product model is ideal for the simple, cost-effective heating of animal sheds connected to biogas plants, ensuring the Combined Heat and Power (CHP) bonus, thanks to the use of waste heat.

What specific requirements to these units meet?

Owing to the increased dust pollution in cattle and poultry sheds, the heat exchangers used have to have as wide a fin spacing as possible and be easily accessible for cleaning. Agrar TOP units fulfil both of these requirements: the heat exchanger is fitted on a hinged rear wall for ease of servicing and the robust galvanised steel heat exchanger with its fin spacing of 4.4 mm is easily accessible for cleaning and servicing.

What optional accessories are available?

Hinged air diffusers are optionally available to enable the heat exchanger to be simply cleaned from the air outlet side. Stage switches can also be fitted that allow the fan direction to be reversed, thereby helping to clean the units.