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The authentic overall impression of historical buildings should not be disturbed by modern, visually imposing engineering and technology. We will ensure that the technical systems are integrated ideally in the environment, thereby contributing to harmonious overall surroundings.

This type of building is characterised by its historic architectural style. Therefore, the design of the building services should ensure that the visual appearance is not impaired by too great a contrast between the original appearance and the engineering or technology used.

You have the choice of various approaches:


  • The choice of underfloor or above-ground units
  • Concealed positioning of units (in recesses or behind the altar)
  • The integration of units into the overall environment (e.g. using bronze air grilles or timber cladding)

Kampmann has the necessary knowledge and expertise and the perfect range of products. We can advise you in the choice and positioning of the right units for your construction project and help you to preserve the structure. We'll be happy to assist with advice and practical help.