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The requirements of open-plan offices differ significantly from the demands placed on individual offices. Naturally this also affects the design of HVAC services. You'll find the perfect system for every space with our flexible equipment.

The requirements placed on the HVAC design of offices and commercial buildings vary depending on the size of the space and subsequent number of staff. It is essential, particularly in large open-plan offices, not just to use the right components, but also position them in the space in such a way that they guarantee optimum air quality right into the furthest corner of the furthest office.


Furthermore, the comfort of each and every work space should not be overlooked in this context – as this enhances the working environment. Air routing and distribution play a key role here, as does the air quality and temperature of the premises.


Moreover, the number of employees within an office, as well as the type of office equipment, both have a crucial role to play: the HVAC system needs to be correctly sized based on the internal loads.


In addition, we can offer you a special service on request: the simulation of your room environment in our own dedicated research and development centre so that you can check the specific conditions and tailor the equipment if you need to.


We can also offer comprehensive advice and support based on our many years of experience in the flexible fit-out of offices and commercial buildings. Do you want to know more? Our team would be happy to help you with any further questions you may have.