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We will employ the knowledge and expertise acquired in 40 years in offices and commercial buildings to your advantage. Our success means the highest level of reliability for you.

You can see from our references that we can adapt to conditions on site from case to case, thereby perfectly meeting all the demands placed on heating, cooling and ventilation equipment. This flexible design of space is a key aspect in convincing the various contact groups involved in offices and commercial buildings.


Our references clearly show how the technical systems visually fit into the space, guaranteeing the reliability you require. Our products are not just effective, but perfectly adapted to the respective conditions on site, becoming at one with their environment.


You'll think "Trust is good, control is better"? Not a problem! To ensure that both you and your customer can make your own personal impression of the quality of our work, we would be happy to offer the unique service of putting you in touch with the contacts for our reference projects, and can also arrange for your to visit completed projects if necessary. See for yourself the quality of our installations!


Do you want to know more? Gain an overview of our reference projects with project-specific information and photos.