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The positioning and/or arrangement of the HVAC systems significantly depends on the dimensions of a building and its fit-out. We would be pleased to produce project-specific design drawings and connection options to perfect and make yur design easier.

In the industrial sector, the dimensions of a building and its fit-out often present challenges with regard to the positioning and arrangement of the HVAC systems. The routing of the electrical and hydraulic lines has to be planned, as well as air ducts, as well as air distribution and movement – often a complex matter associated with high installation costs.


It may be worth considering dividing complex systems into different sub-systems to simplify the design of the building services systems. Assigning different temperature zones or combining decentralised stand-alone units could present major benefits in the design and subsequent operational phases.


However, by sub-dividing your installation into sub-systems, it is imperative that you do not lose the overview! It is hugely important to retain an overview, especially with major commercial and industrial buildings, in order to achieve the most efficient arrangement and positioning of units possible. At the same time, the requisite guidelines have to be taken into consideration. We can help you with this!


During the design phase, we will be on hand as a professional adviser to assist you and the installation contractor and can even provide design drawings and wiring diagrams – that way you will most certainly not lose the overview and can adapt your design accordingly…making your work a whole lot easier.