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Diverse demands are placed on building services based on the different uses of buildings. We will find the right product solutions for you.

The intended use and fit-out of commercial and industrial buildings can vary significantly depending on their intended purpose, resulting in the most diverse demands when it comes to building services. Thus, the specific use of every type of building has to be taken into consideration to find the most efficient solution possible.


A number of factors have a crucial impact on HVAC design and planning:


The geometry and dimensions of the building:

These factors are relevant for an even heat distribution and have to be taken into account to avoid draughts etc. They affect the heat requirement calculation and should not therefore be ignored.


Mechanical systems and times of use:

Any loads generated by machinery are of key importance in calculating the heat requirement or the cooling load.


Materials to be machined:

These aspects have a key influence when sizing HVAC and ventilation systems. Often sensitive materials are used in precision mechanics, for example, for which a constant room temperature is needed and for which swirling dust caused by air movements is to be avoided.



The ambient temperature and air flows in the room have to be taken into account and adapted to specific needs depending on whether and in what form people use the space.



We are aware of all of these influencing factors from our many years of experience in this industry. We understand what needs to be taken into account with different types of buildings and types of use. Our product range offers the right product solution for every building.


Based on our advice, you will be able to analyse your building situation as best as possible – building on that we will then jointly determine your requirements and support you in the design and installation of your construction project. Get in touch with us and we'd be happy to arrange an appointment with you.