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Completely different factors are crucial for efficient and individually-based HVAC design depending on the equipment installed within the building. Kampmann is familiar with them all and can support you with tailor-made solutions.

The respective machinery – that is to say the type, number, operating hours (load) and functions of the machinery – installed within commercial and industrial buildings presents a crucial factor for any HVAC design, as it not only affects each individual part of the building but also has implications for the entire building.


We should like to present an example to illustrate this fact: If the heat requirement within a building is met by the internal loads, e.g. in the form of exhaust heat from machinery, then it is sufficient to merely provide cost-effective heating for when the machinery is switched off. In parallel, cooling or ventilation of the premises may be useful. In the best possible case, some of the heat given off by the machinery might even be used to heat other parts of the building. All these considerations and measures would significantly improve the efficiency of the entire heating system and result in considerable cost-savings.


Odour emissions and the dust produced by machinery, which has to be taken into account when routing heating and cooling, present further factors that affect the HVAC design. And the comfort of machine operators is also of paramount importance.


We can provide you with exceptional assistance when considering the interplay of machinery and employees and develop an optimum solution for your specific circumstances, thanks to our many years of experience in this sector. We offer tailor-made solutions for individual buildings.