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The focus is always on cost-effectiveness with large-scale construction projects, like commercial and industrial buildings, as they have to be designed as efficiently as possible. We can provide you with the necessary detailed data.

Large-scale construction projects, like commercial and industrial buildings, are significantly dependent on the most efficient design possible, as the costs are already very high. We are on hand to assist you and will do everything possible to ensure that your projects are in the black.


It is essential to coordinate the investment and operating costs to the specific type and duration of use of the systems to guarantee the efficiency of the HVAC systems used, as all the relevant parameters have to be taken into consideration in the design phase.


Standards, like DIN V 18599 or VDI 2067, are used in calculating the cost-effectiveness of buildings by calculating their energy ratings, and can be of assistance in assessing the volumes of energy required. In compliance with current legislation, you are even obliged to adhere to standards governing non-residential buildings, including commercial and industrial buildings. There are great benefits to be had from being aware of these standards and applying them. We would be pleased to advise you in this respect!


Moreover, we can also provide you with system-specific detailed data to calculate the cost-effectiveness of your building. It can be imported into popular calculation programs to obtain a reliable calculation.


We can also assist in searching for an appropriate business partner to help in producing the calculations.


We will support you with individual, economically optimised building concepts – so that you can convince your customer with a long-term, successful HVAC solution. You can rely on us!