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The complexity of commercial and industrial buildings requires a great of support in terms of assistance to heating contractors. We'll take the pressure of you by acting as the direct contact on site.

We can offer you comprehensive support throughout each phase of your project involving services specifically tailored to your needs, based on the experience we have gained from past projects in industry and our associated technical expertise.


Our services include:


  • Discussions with architects and builders to explain technical and visual solutions
  • Supply of samples for installation and approval
  • Units individually adapted to conditions on site – with adaptive lengths and optimised pipework for the heating system
  • Made-to-measure products thanks to prior site measurements
  • Support for heating contractors before and during installation by a Kampmann installation team for radiant ceiling panel systems
  • On-site support for heating contractors (after-sales service)
  • Much, much more


We can take the pressure off you when it comes to problems and questions by acting as the direct contact for your heating contractor on all questions relating to assembly and installation. Get in touch with us!