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Particular importance is placed on cost-effectiveness in the construction of state-financed day nurseries and schools, as they have to be designed efficiently and, at the same time, cost-effectively. We can support you in taking this aspect into consideration.

If the cost-efficiency requirements are not taken into account in the design of day nurseries and schools, there is a risk that the entire project may have to be reconsidered and possibly challenged. This should be avoided at all costs. We are therefore on hand to assist you and do everything in our power to advance you as best as possible in your design and planning.


It is essential to coordinate the investment and operating costs to the specific type of use and operating times of the systems to guarantee cost-efficiency in day nurseries and schools, as all the relevant parameters have to be taken into consideration in the design phase.


We can also provide you with system-specific detailed data required to calculate the cost-effectiveness of your building. It can be imported into popular calculation programs to obtain a reliable calculation. Critics have no chance!


We will also assist in searching for an appropriate business partner to help in producing the calculations.


We will support you with individual, economically optimised building concepts – so that you can convince your customer with a long-term, successful HVAC solution. You can rely on us!