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Significant attention has to be paid to the key aspects of safety and accident prevention in the planning of day nurseries and schools. We are familiar with the relevant guidelines, specifications and safety factors and can support you professionally on all these issues.

As most day nurseries and schools are financed by the state, local authorities, teachers and parents – as well as your customers – have specific interest in complying with safety regulations. Safety is therefore a priority with us too.


We do everything possible to ensure comprehensive accident prevention:


There are no safety loopholes in the assembly and installation instructions contained in the operating and installation manuals for our equipment, if followed correctly. In addition, we will advise you on the positioning of the units and can also provide for the correct selection of material for the casing elements and design shape of the equipment during manufacturing – that way we completely rule our any safety loopholes long before installation or commissioning of our HVAC solutions.


A further safety aspect that needs to be considered in the design of day nurseries and schools is compliance with legislation, regulations, standards and guidelines, which can apply nationwide as well as state-specifically. Read more on this point under "Current guidelines".


We'd be happy to support you, by taking this extensive issue off your hands. Want to know more? Get in touch with us!