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A crucial element in the design of retail chains is specifying in advance a concept for integrating the HVAC systems into the intended overall management of the building.

Only by doing so can the integration of the entire building service systems into the automated building management system be guaranteed as the project progresses, a key prerequisite for energy- and cost-efficiency in day-to-day operation. Kampmann products can be linked into external BMS systems or alternatively Kampmann KaControl can be used as a stand-alone automation system for operation.


The requisite functions and level of automation required for the planned systems needs to be determined at the initial design stage, prior to the start of construction. This enables flexible and precise adaptation to the other automated systems, like lighting, shading and presence detection. This is not a problem with Kampmann by your side: KaControl is Kampmann's central control technology, fundamentally guaranteeing integration into existing systems. Our aim is to offer you the option of creating an overarching equivalent system that can be seamlessly integrated into an environment of existing interfaces.


Only by doing so can ease of operation and lasting efficient operation of the HVAC systems be guaranteed. If the individual building services systems are not coordinated in this way, there is a risk that they could restrict each other or even override each other.


A flexible and adaptable control technology is of particular importance to your, as a designer, as it can make your work so much easier. A major benefit that only Kampmann products can offer.