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The safety of staff and the environment is paramount when designing retail chains. It is imperative that you take into consideration a number of current laws, standards and guidelines to ensure this. We will professionally and expertly take this work off your shoulders.

Observation of and compliance with current legislation, regulations, standards and guidelines relating to safety, as well as its technically correct installation, represent challenging yet essential guidelines in the design, installation and operation of retail chains. We are on hand to assist you in ensuring full compliance with these specifications.


Over and above general requirements, compliance with country-specific differences is also crucial. Ignorance of legislation and (VDI) directives – regional as well as in the federal states – can result in incorrect design, often leading to further problems.


We can look after matters on your behalf to avoid design mistakes and their consequential problems to take the pressure off you as best as possible. That way you can focus on other work.


A short list of the legislation, standards and guidelines to be taken into consideration is given here to provide you with a better impression:


  • ASR5 ("Technical Regulations Governing Workplaces – Ventilation")
  • DIN 10505 ("Food Hygiene – Ventilation Systems for Food Stores")
  • DIN EN 13053 ("Ventilation of Buildings - Central Ventilation and Air-conditioning Units – Performance Data for Units, Components and Assemblies")
  • DIN EN 15251 ("Input Parameters for Interior Climate for the Design and Assessment of the Energy-efficiency of Buildings – Room Quality, Temperature, Light and Acoustics")
  • Legislation governing the promotion of renewable energy sources in heating (Renewable Energy Sources Heating Act - EEWärmeG)
  • VDI 2082 ("Ventilation and Air Conditioning – Retail Stores")
  • VDI 6022 ("Ventilation and Air Conditioning, Air Quality - Hygiene Requirements Governing Ventilation and Air Conditioning Systems and Units")
  • Directive governing energy-saving heat insulation and energy-saving systems engineering for buildings (Energy-saving directive – EnEV)


We'd like to spare you this work: we've put together a professional team in a specialist department to answer all questions relating to these regulations.