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The use of energy-efficient systems is rewarded! As the first German manufacturer to be awarded the title "Endorser in GreenBuilding", we can support you in developing a sustainable, economic solution for your building project – your building too could be awarded the coveted Green Building certificate.

Today, with increasing focus in the press on issues, like climate change and sustainability, there is even greater focus on energy-saving, efficient systems in the construction industry. Preserving the environment plays a key role in a company's image and it is therefore essential that it is taken into account in the design of the building.


The EU Commission launched the "Green Building" certificate to recognise the use of progressive HVAC solutions, such as these. The certificate is awarded to construction projects that can demonstrate 25 percent lower primary energy consumption than is permitted by the applicable legislation in the respective EU states. Not every building can therefore carry this seal.


Kampmann is the first German manufacturer to carry the title "Endorser in GreenBuilding". This obliges us to provide you with information about individual, energy-optimised building schemes, ensuring that your construction project – tailored to each individual market – meets the prescribed "EU GreenBuilding" standards.


To meet this requirement and comply with the necessary provisions, as a designer you need specific expertise and knowledge of innovative technologies and energy-saving product solutions. We can offer you comprehensive advice, thereby jointly ensuring that your building is also awarded the GreenBuilding certificate.


To do this, we will identify the most efficient heating, cooling and ventilation systems and share our knowledge of sustainable and economical solutions. That way you are in a position to meet all the requirements placed on retail chains and can thus put in place the foundation for the award of the certificate.