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Buildings for retail chains need to be built in as short a time-frame as possible. We understand the typical problems encountered and are able to cope with them thanks to our many years of experience. We can advise you quickly and professionally and provide you with additional time-saving measures.

The aim of many clients, investors and the retail chains themselves is to build markets and stores within as short a space of time as possible, resulting in almost all cases in corresponding time pressure on designers and all subsequent trades.


Time delays are usually associated with high costs, as deadlines are contractually regulated. If a construction project cannot be completed on schedule, this is usually associated with the imposition of severe penalties.


Full and technically correct design is essential to avoid this. We're here to help!


Thanks to the massive experience we have in the planning and design of retail chains, we can quickly focus on your precise requirements during the design phase, providing specific support where needed to meet tight deadlines with ease.


Our consulting service extends from the clarification of typical trade-related problems to individual approaches that we can develop for you. What is more, you can also save time with our short delivery times.


See for yourself: we'll do everything necessary to ensure that your project is completed on schedule, and nevertheless to the highest standard. Get in touch with us!