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Showrooms and shop floors place quite different demands on the HVAC systems, depending on their size and type of use. We have the right components and the appropriate knowledge and expertise to support you in this.

Not only the dimensions and type of use of the space are key in designing HVAC systems for showrooms and shop floors – the design is also shaped by the most diverse criteria that have to be taken into account in detail.


These include the following:


  • Dimensions of the space
  • Type of use
  • The operator's individual wishes and requirements
  • Existing building or new build?
  • Architectural requirements (sophisticated vs. practical and functional)
  • Occupancy requirements (e.g. by setting up different temperature zones, taking the air routing and air flow into account or adapting to pressure conditions)
  • And much more.


And there's more: commercial showrooms and sales floors also change tenants. Every tenant has his own ideas about the use of the space, which need to be met without major effort or expenditure. To avoid complete HVAC systems having to be replaced in cases such as this, a degree of flexibility has to be built into the spatial design at the initial planning stage.


We can offer you an individual solution for every situation and can assist you in finding the right systems for the different conditions – get in touch with us!