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Each of the different functional areas within the space presents completely different requirements that you have to consider individually, as a designer. We appreciate these differences and can help you to find the optimum interplay between the HVAC systems.

Alongside pure showrooms and shop floors, there are a number of other areas, zones and spaces that are often not taken into consideration in the initial design phase – a fatal error! These spaces fulfil different functions and therefore put completely different requirements on the HVAC system.

The different uses of the space include checkout and entrance areas, as well as storage space, changing rooms or recreation space for employees. These need to be considered individually, to guarantee the design of an optimum overall system. Only in this way can you achieve a cost-effective solution matched to each respective use.

For example, you can achieve massive benefits in terms of investment and operating costs through the judicious combination of centralised and decentralised ventilation systems in the respective functional areas – significant added value for your design that you can use to convince your customer.

In addition to the cost-savings, cooperating with us will bring about even further benefits:

By incorporating all system components in an integrated HVAC system, we can guarantee that all the units and systems are perfectly coordinated to each other and are equipped with an overall control – hugely simplifying operation and also taking pressure off your staff.

In addition, we can support you by acting as the central contact for heating contractors and subsequent operators of the system. That way you don't have to deal with any further questions about the installation and operation of the HVAC systems and have the time to deal with other work.

Thanks to our many years of experience, we can point out many specifics as well as providing general advice. We are your constructive partner, offering comprehensive advice on all questions and offering you an individual system to meet every requirement. If you want to know more, we're on hand to answer questions at any time.