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The well-being of customers (and employees) plays a key role in showrooms and shop floors. The general interior climate has a key influence on this. We'll help you find a comfortable solution.

Very different aspects are responsible for achieving a feel-good factor in showrooms and shop floors. Among other things, the general interior climate plays a major role in this. It is influenced by the type of products sold or displayed, as the products, which ultimately take up the majority of the space, not only have an effect on the temperature, air quality and draughts within the space – they also influence the odours produced.


Therefore, the type of use and in particular the range of products has an immediate impact on the comfort of customers. This, of course, also has consequences for the selection and layout of the HVAC units. For example, the display or sale of strongly smelling products requires a very high air exchange, to create a neutral environment pleasant for customers in spite of the strong odours.


Our knowledge and expertise guarantees an optimum product selection, a well-thought-out layout and thus a positive shopping experience.


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