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Within showrooms and shop floors, the already limited space should not be further restricted by technical equipment. You'll find the right system models within our range for every project.

The available retail space represents real money within showrooms and shop floors and should not therefore be restricted by large units or equipment. That's why the choice of an individually matching system, which is space-saving and still offers all the necessary functions, is of key importance.


The appearance of the systems is also particularly relevant in showrooms and shop floors – ultimately customers and employees want to feel at home in the space and not be disturbed by ugly equipment. Therefore the HVAC systems should not be visible, but rather be visually integrated within the space.


Our product range offers a wide selection of system components, all of which meet the requirements of the most diverse conditions. Take advantage of our range of versatile alternatives to achieve customised, flexible and efficient air-conditioning of showrooms or shop floors. We are your qualified partner.