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Sports halls and indoor riding arenas often contain integrated equipment that needs to be taken into account when planning the HVAC systems. We can assist with the creation of a tailor-made layout for your technical systems.

A range of equipment is often already integrated in the space, particularly in sports halls, which, in turn, can impact the subsequent positioning of building services equipment. This can include partition walls, basketball hoops, climbing walls or lighting.

All of these components will affect the layout and arrangement of the HVAC systems. We understand how to get round any potential resulting problems, as we take into account each and every existing unit and any special features of the building at the design phase. What is more, the versatility of our products enables them to be adapted to virtually any structural situation. That way your building services scheme fits perfectly into any space.

In doing so we make sure that all the relevant factors are included in the design, thereby ensuring the ideal use of the space, without restricting the function of the building. Nothing can happen with our knowledge and expertise.