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The safety of staff and the environment is paramount when designing sports halls and indoor riding arenas. It is imperative to take into consideration a large number of current laws, standards and guidelines to ensure this. We will professionally and expertly take this work off your shoulders.

Adherence to and compliance with current legislation, regulations, standards and guidelines relating to safety and their technically correct implementation are key guiding principles that cannot be ignored in the planning of sports halls and indoor riding arenas.

We are on hand to assist you to ensure full compliance with these specifications.

Alongside general requirements, it is essential to take into account state-specific and planning regulations, such as the German directive governing public venues. Ignorance of legislation and (VDI) directives – national as well as in the federal states – can result in incorrect design, which can often lead to further problems.

We have the technical expertise to avoid design mistakes and their consequential problems to take the pressure off you as best as possible. That way you can focus on other work.

A short list of the legislation, standards and guidelines to be taken into consideration is given here to provide you with a better impression:


  • DIN 18032 ("Sports Halls – Halls and Spaces for Sport and Multi-purpose Use")
  • DIN EN 12831 ("Heating Systems in Buildings - Method for Calculating the Standard Heat Load")
  • DIN EN 13779 ("Ventilation of Non-residential Buildings - General Principles and Requirements for Ventilation and Air-conditioning Systems and Room Cooling Systems")
  • DIN EN 14037 ("Freely Ceiling-suspended Heating and Cooling Surfaces for Water with a Temperature Below 120°C")
  • DIN V 18599 ("Energy Assessment of Buildings - Calculation of the Commercial, Final and Primary Energy Requirement for Heating, Cooling, Ventilation, Potable Water and Lighting")
  • Legislation governing the promotion of renewable energy sources in heating (Renewable Energy Sources Heating Act - EEWärmeG)
  • VDI 2067 ("Economical Building Services Systems")
  • Directive governing energy-saving heat insulation and energy-saving systems engineering for buildings (Energy-saving directive – EnEV)

Read more about the last two standards in the "Profitability Calculation" section.

We would like to take this complex and time-consuming research off your shoulders: we have put together a professional team in a specialist department that can answer all questions relating to these regulations and offer you comprehensive support.