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The selection and integration of the right heating system plays a key role in sports halls and indoor riding arenas, as there are different design requirements depending on the different types of use. We can offer you professional advice on these points.

Essentially two major factors are crucial in the design of building services for sports halls and indoor riding arenas. On the one hand, the correct system has to be selected based on the size of the hall to ensure an even distribution of heat and, on the other hand, the specific use of the 2 types of building has an impact on the HVAC systems.

In riding schools, the sensitivity of the horses to noise needs to be taken into account, requiring the use of low-noise units. In contrast, it is important in school sports halls that the units are protected from "flying balls" to ensure their correct operation. The noise volume emitted by the equipment plays only a secondary role here.

As a result, there are completely different requirements for both types of hall, which, in turn, have an impact when designing the heating systems.

We can support you with regard to the selection and integration of the correct heating system and will make sure that all the relevant factors are taken into consideration and the systems adapted accordingly. You can count on us!