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Energy efficiency is at the heart of all design today – particularly with cost-effective construction projects, like sports halls and indoor riding arenas. Our knowledge and expertise will assist in the design of an energy-saving HVAC system.

The growing importance of energy efficiency, alongside its effect on climate change, is based above all on the rise in energy costs, resulting in operators becoming increasingly interested in the most efficient heating, cooling and ventilation systems possible. This leads to more and more sustainable and energy-saving systems and products being given preference.

Our extensive product range offers you a range of different options: among other things you have the choice between two key heating systems – convection heating (e.g. unit heaters) and radiant heating (e.g. radiant ceiling panels).

Thanks to a wide range of specific products, we can act as a neutral adviser in benefit-orientated design and are more than happy to explain the advantages and disadvantages of the various system solutions and discuss them with you.

When designing sports halls and indoor riding arenas, it is also essential to coordinate the heating systems to the sporting activities and use of the spaces. That way you can achieve a high level of energy efficiency with good control, which further optimises the system.

With our solutions that represent the state of the art and have been optimised for minimal energy consumption, you will not just be preserving the environment but you can also save money in the process.

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