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Even if you are not planning the completely new construction of a warehouse or logistics building, Kampmann can also offer you professional and knowledgeable support in the design and installation of a renovation, expansion or extension of your premises.

The project design of warehouses and logistics premises does not always involve a completely new construction. Often, parts of the building or entire buildings can be renovated to become more energy-saving, existing premises can be expanded or an extension can be added to an existing building. Completely new challenges for you as a designer! Kampmann is on hand, whether for the replacement of a heat generator or the complete renewal of the HVAC system. We're here to help!


The design of a HVAC system requires a number of factors to be considered including:


  • Changing the flow and return temperatures and the resulting effect of this
  • Consideration of the structural conditions
  • A possible change in the use of the building
  • Possible change of spatial conditions (e.g. subsequent insulation)


Through our decades of experience in this sector we can assist with the optimum renovation or extension of your existing buildings. We know our way around the sector and appreciate what has to be taken into account with the resulting changes. Get in touch with us, we'd be happy to make time for you!