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In warehouses and logistics building, no surfaces should be wasted by the random positioning of the heating of ventilation systems. That's why you'll find the right systems for every project in our product range.

The efficient use of the limited floor space is of the utmost importance, particularly in large-scale buildings, like warehouses and logistics buildings.


These buildings generally have overall heights of 3 to over 20 metres – it is imperative that this space is used as best as possible! In addition, these considerable ceiling heights have a corresponding impact on the heating, and it is essential that this is taken into consideration at the design stage.


Here at Kampmann, we are fully aware of what needs to be considered when planning HVAC systems for this type of building, depending on the specific use of the premises, and we have the right components for your project – space-saving and effective.


Our product range offers a wide selection of specially designed system components, all of which meet the requirements of the most diverse conditions. So you get the right solution for every building! Our expert team will be happy to help you with any further questions you may have.