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The efficient use of energy has been the key topic in recent years in the HVAC industry.

This is based above all on the rise in energy costs, alongside its effect on climate change and changes in legislation. It is therefore not surprising that more and more sustainable and energy-saving systems and products are being given preference.


Up until now, new buildings were mainly the focus of efficient HVAC systems, but clients are gradually becoming more sensitive with respect to the modernisation of their existing properties. This makes sense in most cases in economical and ecological terms. The potential to increase efficiency is extremely high, but should be used sensibly. There are many different things to take into account.


For example, system temperatures normally drop if old heat generators are replaced resulting in the old heating and ventilation systems not being able to deliver the required output. As a result, buildings are no longer warm enough. Heat exchangers must therefore also be replaced. An optimum solution needs to be found at this stage that is included in the installation and also offers good value for money.


Kampmann can assist you in finding the best way to improve efficiency. Our wide range of products and high degree of expertise will help you with results-orientated planning.


You can also use our energy saving calculation tool for this: