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Every building, whether it's a new construction or renovation, must be individually designed regardless of its size, location and type or use and taking into account the external influences.

These factors make the design stage a very complex challenge for building services engineering companies. In addition, there are ever-changing laws, regulations, standards and guidelines that need to be observed as well increasing demands from clients, investors and architects with respect to building services.


Complete building concepts should be developed with HVAC systems offering maximum efficiency and minimum investment costs – and generally as quickly as possible. The daily work of a planner therefore involves solving complex problems and working under time constraints.


Kampmann can support you during the design phase and bear a share of the burden.

  1. Individual technical advice on-site whether it's in your office, with the client or directly on the construction site.
  2. Approximate calculation of the heat requirement / cooling load as a basis for discussion at the initial planning phase.
  3. Selection of suitable products and system components including identifying the required measurements and accessories.
  4. Support in the development of a concept for the control technology / building automation.
  5. Preparation of the corresponding specification texts for Kampmann products / systems.
  6. Support when negotiating with clients, investors and end users.
  7. Support in the preparation of feasibility and pay-back calculations.
  8. Provision of comprehensive product information, also available at
  9. Preparation of detailed technical documentation
  10. Drawing up of individual cable laying plans and CAD drawings
  11. If necessary we can take measurements on-site to ensure that the dimensions of all planned system components will fit into the subsequent installation site.
  12. If necessary we can simulate an installation site in our Research and Development Centre and check its functionality.