From now on Kampmann UK offers a new RIBA approved CPD seminar for architects

Kampmann UK Ltd. offers a new architectural CPD seminar, approved by RIBA, as part of the RIBA core curriculum. This seminar ensures participating architects credits for their further qualifications.

This CPD Seminar provides an overview of the applications of modern trench heating, cooling, ventilation technology. It will show available solutions, how to integrate trench systems into modern architectural design in a discrete and aesthetic form and looks at legislative and environmental issues around modern trench products.

This CPD seminar will cover the following topics:

  • Overview about latest Trench Heating/Cooling/Ventilation Products and Applications
  • Legislative and Environmental Background of modern Trench Systems
  • Solutions for architectural requirements with regards to Trench Products

Learning outcomes:

  • The delegates should be able to identify if modern trench technology is an option/can be used on their individual projects to cover the requirements with regards to comfort in the space, they design.
  • The delegates should be able to identify how modern trench products can be integrated within their projects from an architectural perspective.

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This one hour seminar is available as lunchtime seminar within your office.
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