Kampmann incognito in the entrance areas of urban rooms

Millions of people have this feeling and this reflex. The feeling: a draught, for just a moment. The reflex: wipe your feet. Public entrance areas are passed through in seconds without even thinking about it. Yet, every entrance area is, in climatic terms, the threshold between cold and warm, in hygienic terms, the threshold between dirt and cleanliness. Many companies invest in Kampmann technology to make the passing of the threshold as efficient as possible.

Right at the beginning, there is this sudden feeling of wind. It is particularly intensive of winter days, Customers enter a department store and are blown on gently. Right at the threshold between cold and warm. Or vice versa. The warm air gives them a cosy feeling when entering. When leaving, it reminds of the season. With that, the draught has a technical function: the cold air is meant to stay outside, the warm air inside. Clearly separated from one another, this caters for an improved energy balance. At the same time, physics need to be overcome as, by nature, warm air rises and cold air accumulates by the floor. Without any technical assistance, every public entrance area would be an extremely draughty, cold, unpleasant and very expensive matter. Businesses want the opposite for two reasons. From a business point of view: entering is like the first impression, a kind of business card. It should be as pleasant and inviting as it possibly can be.


Entrance of a shopping mall with door air curtains

THE IDEAL COMBINATION FOR A CLEAN AND EFFICIENT ENTRANCE: Doormats and door air curtains by Kampmann.

The solution to this double business desire is installed above entrances almost invisible for millions. Kampmann’s door air curtains transform the natural laws of physics into their opposite, because door air curtain technology pushes the warm indoor air down at the open threshold instead of allowing it, by nature, to rise upwards. Like an invisible yet feelable wall, the door air curtain places itself in front of the coldness which thus remains outside instead of it taking its natural way across the floor into the inside. A small power station works on the inside of the Kampmann door air curtain technology. Fans suction the room air and a heat exchanger heats up the air with a room temperature of about 20 degrees to a pleasant body temperature of 36 degrees in no time at all. The rectifier disperses the now heated air at an output speed of five to eight metres per second downwards. The effective and efficient air curtain can be further optimised by way of tandem technology. In this case, a non-heated first air curtain is sent ahead of the heated main curtain. This way, the first air curtain isolates, on the one hand, the cold outside air and the warm inside air from each other. On the other hand, it works like a protective flow, which amplifies and accelerates the warm air on its way downwards and also reduces the exchange of cold and warm air in large entrance areas to a physically unchangeable minimum. The advantage of the Tandem warm air curtain can be measured in the energy balance. The accelerated and stabilising first air curtain enables energy savings of up to 38 percent in comparison to conventional warm air curtain technology. 

Kampmann door air curtain Tandem 300

CONTROLLED COLD AIR SHIELDING with Kampmann’s patented tandem technology.

Door air curtain MODULAR SYSTEM

Kampmann offers various different door air curtain systems in various sizes and versions for sensitive entrance areas. The aim is always to make every public entrance area as pleasant and energy-efficient as it can possibly be made. The tandem door air curtain offers a proven door air curtain technology, which was originally developed by Kampmann. For the most common construction size of two metres in width, the additional investment is amortised after only 1.6 years on an average of 24h daily operation from October to March. At the ISH 2017 in Frankfurt, Kampmann will also present two more top innovations. With the tandem door air curtain, these relate to an optimisation of the air supply with the established efficiency of the tandem technology. With the UniLine door air curtain, a self-regulating damper in the air outlet ensures that at a low operating mode of the unit, the maximum air supply velocity is achieved for effective shielding. To the advantage of the customers, 67 percent of electrical power is saved and the noise emission is reduced by up to 8 dB(A).


Door air curtains by Kampmann are frequently to be found particularly in the chain store sector. Large discount stores appreciate the quality, long service life and the low maintenance factor of ProtecTor, UniLine and Tandem. Even a custom-made oval shape had been manufactured for London Heathrow Airport. Kampmann’s warm air curtains are even being used in Saudi Arabian railway stations.