Kampmann UK is able to provide customers with various services around the product to give full project support, also on site.

The following services are available to our customers.

Site surveys

Trench and perimeter products are architectural products, tailor made to the project specific needs and architectural requirements. The products should perfectly integrate into the building, especially when it comes to mitred corners, cut-outs for columns and curved sections. They will be produced on a millimetre basis, just to suit.

Working off CAD drawings and models comes to a limit with regards to building tolerances on site.

Therefore, Kampmann UK is able to provide a nationwide site survey service. Our specialized site survey engineers will come to site and take all dimensions needed to make the product perfectly fit. Based on this, Kampmann UK will provide detailed drawings with all dimensions, as well as pipe and electrical connection points, for customer approval and documentation.

Product installation

Whenever possible, all work, that can be done in the factory, should and will be done to our products.

For example,

  • all emitters will come with factory-fitted connections, so that no brazing or other hot works are required on site.
  • the units itself will come as complete units, made to suit, based on the site survey, so that no cutting and adjusting is required on site.
  • frame profiles are already fitted and also the grilles will be cut to suit.
  • if required, Kampmann UK is able to factory-fit free issued components, like controllers or valves within the units.

Nevertheless the units will have to be installed on site. Kampmann UK provides a nationwide product installation service for trench and perimeter products.

Product installation

Our specialized installation team is well trained and experienced.

Due to the experience of the team and the high pre-fabrication grade of the products installation time on site is minimized and quality maximized. With using the Kampmann installation service, customers will benefit from an overall cost point of view, as well as time.

The installation service includes the distribution and positioning of the products. Levelling and fixing as well as joining them together, when continuous runs are required. Mechanical and electrical connections to the units are not part of the service.

All team members do have all required documents like CSCS-cards. The Kampmann installation service is “Safe Contractor” accredited.

Please feel free to ask for these services with your next product inquiry. We are happy to include these services in our quote.