BIM data - download for free

In addition to the BIM data (Building Information Modeling) for the products Kampmann Katherm NK, Katherm QK, QK nano and Katherm HK 320, the BIM data for Katherm HK 290, Ultra and Venkon size 1-4 without casing are now available for download.

Use the product models incl. dimensions and all necessary technical data for a BIM compliant design!

Download now for free:

Building Information Modeling (BIM)

The concept of Building Information Modelling is a design method in construction with the aim of centrally managing and administering all project-relevant information (Source: BIM Guidelines for Germany). BIM is already a standard project management method in countries, like the USA, Great Britain or even in Scandinavia, which is why it is imperative for international companies to deal with BIM and provide relevant data.

Benefits of BIM

The main benefit of BIM data is the comprehensive, openly accessible information on buildings and products it provides. This diverse density of information offers greater reliability in terms of design, scheduling and cost reliability for all those associated with the project. Different data sources can be better linked, information can be transferred in a more targeted manner and calculations performed more accurately.

Product models for AutoCAD, Revit and MagiCAD

The product models are available for users of AutoCAD, Revit and MagiCAD. Kampmann GmbH uses MagicCloud, to provide BIM data, a (data) platform produced by the Finnish company Progman Oy. The company is known for its BIM software MagiCAD, market leading building services design software and one of the most frequently used BIM solutions in building services.

Alongside BIM data, we will naturally continue to offer our 2D DXF/DWG-format drawings.

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