Kampmann is granted officially vested property right

The European Patent Office has now granted the European patent for the ProtecTor. Following the application, the unit underwent the required examination for patentability and was then granted the officially vested property right.

Patent number for ProtecTor EP 1462730 A1

Efficient Tandem technology

The unique feature of the ProtecTor air curtain is its air flow. The ProtecTor features two juxtaposed outlet nozzles that focus the airflow for targeted discharge and avoid inefficient air turbulence. An unheated ambient air stream acts as a back-up air stream and automatically adapts to the air volume of the heated air stream when the fan speed changes.

The ambient air stream cannot penetrate the heated air or escape to the outside. The ambient air stream has a higher flow rate than the heated air stream, as the ambient air stream does not pass through the heat exchanger like conventional systems. The ambient air stream thus acts like a back-up air stream, aiding the stability of the air stream and providing for greater penetration depth.

Significant potential energy savings

The unique design of the ProtecTor door air curtain requires lower heat outputs to provide the same screening effect, thereby achieving energy savings of up to 38 % compared to conventional systems.

Benefits of the ProtecTor

  • Screens the ingress of cold or warm air across large industrial doorways
  • Back-up air stream for a more stable air stream and greater penetration depth
  • Up to 38 % energy savings compared with conventional systems

Learn more about our ProtecTor here.