Schloss Elmau Retreat is the venue for the G7 Summit June 2015

After a construction period of 20 months and an investment volume of more than € 40 million, Schloss Elmau Retreat – Luxury Suites & Spa, which is located in Bavaria, opened its doors on 21 March 2015.

Hotel room in Schloss Elmau with bed and armchair and a clear view of the woods

Kampmann wins the air-conditioning contract

The Schloss Elmau Retreat is the luxurious extension to the legendary Schloss Elmau, Luxury Spa & Cultural Hideaway. It stands out for its high-end materials, attractive design and extraordinary quality.
A quality that’s also reflected in the heating and cooling technology that has been used there. Although more than 90% of all construction contracts were awarded to regional businesses, the decision was made to use products by Kampmann GmbH in Lingen for the air-conditioning system. As a result, many Katherm QK and Katherm HK trench heating systems with exclusive wooden roll-up grilles were installed in the luxury category five-star superior hotel. Kampmann GmbH created several special designs for the project’s trench heaters – and they were all individually adapted to the customer’s needs.

A series of images of the Elmau Retreat Castle may be found here.

G7 summit at the Elmau Castle Retreat

Germany will be hosting the G7 summit on 7 and 8 June 2015. Chancellor Merkel has invited the G7 heads of state and government to Schloss Elmau.
The participants will include Barack Obama, François Hollande and David Cameron, among others. The heads of state and government will – besides global economic, foreign, security and development policy issues – also be discussing the UN conferences on international climate protection that have been scheduled for 2015.