Expansion of Kampmann GmbH continues

Kampmann GmbH took its first step overseas in 1982 and has been actively selling there since then. The new Vancouver-based subsidiary, Kampmann Heating, Cooling, Ventilation Ltd., was established in January 2016.This new base in Canada is intended to serve customers in North America faster at the same time as providing them with more intensive service.

Canada’s flag raised on a flagpole

Demand-led product range

A market-led product strategy has been developed for sales and marketing in Canada and the USA. The range will therefore include proven products from the trench heating, design grilles and perimeter heating ranges as well as hitherto unknown product innovations.

Using TTIP as an opportunity

On a global economic stage, the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP), a free-trade and investment protection agreement, is currently being negotiated between the European Union and the USA. While some aspects of the agreement are being discussed rather controversially, TTIP should provide the economy with a boost. Kampmann GmbH regards the TTIP free trade agreement both as a challenge as well as an opportunity for exports. In spite of the existing competition, Kampmann would like to make use of this access to the North American market and underline its position there. Kampmann will also be delivering proven Kampmann quality to customers in this market as well.