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Serial KNX card

Article no.: 196003260702
Dimensions: 80 mm x 35 mm x 20 mm
Weight: 0.017 kg
EAN: 4031845484423
For integration into a KNX/EIB network, interface PCOS00KXN0, Type 3260702
The communication card slots into the free interface on the PCB.

Suitable for: all units with control option KaControl -C1

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TÜV Certificate ISO 9001:2008
PDF (133 kB)
KaControl C1 communication objects
PDF (328 kB)
KaControl C1 connection concept
PDF (196 kB)
Instructions for KNX card, art. no. 196003260702, PCOS00KXN0 interface
PDF (2.9 MB)
product smartboard KNX 3260702
ZIP (1.6 MB)
ETS5 DCA Plugin
ZIP (383 kB)
Sample project KNX card, art. no. 196003260702
ZIP (719 kB)