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Unit heaters: wall- and ceiling-mounted units.

Your benefits:
  • Factory-fitted single row ceiling or wall louvre

  • Whisper-quiet sickle-blade fan with optimised full nozzle

  • Unbeatable in terms of value for money

Key features

  • Unbeatable in terms of value for money
  • TIP units essentially meet the demand for cost-effective and controllable air handling.
  • Neutral in colour, it is robust and strong
  • Single-row DeWaTIP louvre (wall/ceiling unit) and motor guard are supplied as standard
  • Infinitely adjustable and can be controlled centrally


  • Aerodynamic sickle-blade whisper-quiet cast-aluminium fan with optimised full nozzle
  • The following models of fan are available:
    - 1-stage, 1-phase sickle-blade whisper-quiet fan 230 V/50 Hz
    - 2-stage, 3-phase sickle-blade whisper-quiet fan 400 V/50 Hz
  • With copper/aluminium heat exchanger, ideal for low temperature systems


... also good to know

  • Fast delivery service: All two-stage 3-phase and single-stage 1-phase units in all sizes are available ex-stock.
  • Housing self-supporting, completely made of galvanised steel metal
  • Simple fitting of discharge air-side accessories, such as the two-row louvre and 4-way diffuser
Technical catalogues
TIP unit heatersdownload as.pdf, 3,19 MB
Spezial TIP unit heaters, screen-optimizeddownload as.pdf, 952,55 KB
Cross-product information
Product overview, products available in UKdownload as.pdf, 7,97 MB
Overview product innovations 2017download as.pdf, 2,41 MB
Spezial Logistics buildingsdownload as.pdf, 830,76 KB
Spezial retail chainsdownload as.pdf, 3,45 MB
Installation manuals
TIP unit heatersdownload as.pdf, 657,58 KB
Building product declaration unit heatersdownload as.pdf, 229,93 KB
Interseroh Recycling Certificatedownload as.pdf, 627,76 KB
TÜV Certificate ISO 9001:2008download as.pdf, 443,11 KB
EU Declaration of Conformity TIP, TOP, Ultra unit heatersdownload as.pdf, 1,16 MB
CAD drawings
TIP unit heater components, serie 54download as.dwg, 173,80 KB.dxf, 678,00 KB.pdf, 68,89 KB
TIP unit heater components, serie 55download as.dwg, 196,81 KB.dxf, 787,47 KB.pdf, 85,19 KB
TIP unit heater components, serie 56download as.dwg, 206,61 KB.dxf, 346,26 KB.pdf, 85,91 KB
TIP unit heater components, serie 57download as.dwg, 221,30 KB.dxf, 910,36 KB.pdf, 87,45 KB
TIP unit heater, serie 54download as.dwg, 341,22 KB.dxf, 2,49 MB.pdf, 90,99 KB
TIP unit heater, serie 55download as.dwg, 345,72 KB.dxf, 2,53 MB.pdf, 91,11 KB
TIP unit heater, serie 56download as.dwg, 348,47 KB.dxf, 2,58 MB.pdf, 93,05 KB
TIP unit heater, serie 57download as.dwg, 352,69 KB.dxf, 2,62 MB.pdf, 95,14 KB
Technical details

This table only gives you a brief overview of the technical data. If you are looking for a more detailed product description and further technical data, please use the technical catalogue. The product configurator and the calculation program will help you to find the right article for your selection.

Compact controllers for fan speed control with integral room temperature control

Electronic 2-stage 3-phase controller, 10 A, with integral digital timer, type 30277

Installation instructions: i210_2stufendrehstromsteuerung_30277_gb.pdf

Download specifications (.rtf)
Article no.:

Electronic 2-stage 3-phase controller, 10 A, with room temperature sensor in separate housing, type 30177

Installation instructions: i179_2stufendrehstromsteuerung_30177_gb.pdf

Download specifications (.rtf)
Article no.:

Electronic continuously variable single-phase controller, master unit, 4.5 A, with integral room temperature controller, with integral digital timer, type 30543

Download specifications (.rtf)
Article no.:

Electronic continuously variable single-phase controller, slave unit, 4.5 A, for use with a master unit, type 30540

Download specifications (.rtf)
Article no.:

Stage switches for fan speed control

2-stage, 3-phase switch, 10 A, with connection for a room thermostat, recirculating air only, type 30049

Installation instructions: i106_2stufendrehstromschalter_30049_gb.pdf

Download specifications (.rtf)
Article no.:

5-stage 3-phase controller

Download specifications (.rtf)
Article no.:

7-stage, single-phase switch

Recirculating air only!
Download specifications (.rtf)
Article no.:


Room thermostat with thermal feedback, 230 VAC, protection class IP 30, type 30055

Installation instructions: i071_raumthermostat_30055_146904_int.pdf
Installation instructions: i213_raumthermostat_30055_146904_gb.pdf

Download specifications (.rtf)
Article no.:

Clock thermostat, digital clock with day/night/week programme, with night setback, protection class IP 20, type 30056

Installation instructions: i199_uhrenthermostat_146910_30056_gb.pdf

Download specifications (.rtf)
Article no.:

Industrial thermostat, protection class IP 54, setpoint adjustment only with a tool, type 30058

Installation instructions: i280_industriethermostat_30058_30059_gb.pdf

Download specifications (.rtf)
Article no.:

Industrial thermostat, protection class IP 54, setpoint adjustment with a dial, type 30059

Installation instructions: i280_industriethermostat_30058_30059_gb.pdf

Download specifications (.rtf)
Article no.:


Thermoelectric shut-off valve 230 VAC

Download specifications (.rtf)
Article no.:

Air outlets

Louvre, two row

Installation instructions: i430_luftlenkjalousie_zweireihig_3x002_gb.pdf

Download specifications (.rtf)
Article no.:

Diffuser, 4 direction

Download specifications (.rtf)
Article no.:


Universal 2-point brackets, (1 complete set), type 30041

Installation instructions: i371_universal_2punkt_konsolen_30041_gb.pdf

Download specifications (.rtf)
Article no.:

Universal 4-point brackets, sendzimir galvanised steel (1 complete set), type 30042

for use as a 4-point fixing for ceiling installation
Installation instructions: i372_universal_4punkt_konsolen_30042_gb.pdf

Download specifications (.rtf)
Article no.:

Wall brackets made of sendzimir galvanised steel for wall mounting (1 complete set)

TIP unit heaters can be installed as standing or suspended units.
Installation instructions: i375_wandkonsolen_3x044_wandkonsolen_verlaengert_3002x_gb.pdf

Download specifications (.rtf)
Article no.:

Ceiling-wall brackets

Download specifications (.rtf)
Article no.:

What sort of fans are used in TIP unit hears and how are they fused?

Whisper-quiet sickle-blade fans with outer rotor motors are used that stand out thanks to their high air volumes and low noise levels. Without the need for a projecting motor block, they are compact unit and are fused by integral thermal contacts and an additional motor protection switch.

How and where are the units installed?

Fixing holes incorporated as standard enables the units to be wall-mounted or ceiling mounted. Ceiling-mounted is preferable if there is a choice between the two methods of installation, as temperature stratification is thereby significantly minimised.

Why is a galvanised sheet steel housing used?

Galvanised sheet steel is hard-wearing and damage-proof and is temperature-resistant. The colour is neutral but it can be painted if required. The simple folding technique of the metal also guarantees a cost-effective manufacturing process.